“No Bridezilla Zone”

It’s bound to happen. Every wedding planner has encountered her. It’s the Bridezilla!!! Unfortunately when we first started our company we encountered a few of these creatures. They rear their ugly head and suck the life and joy out of you. Not only are we affected, but so is everyone around them, especially the poor groom.

Two years ago we had the worst Bridezilla we could have imagined. Initially it started out all right, like it always does. She seemed a little demanding and OCD but nothing we couldn’t handle. However soon she was demanding weekly phone conferences to discuss her wedding (mind you it was still about 10 months away), was having us negotiate down vendors that were above her budget, and was speaking down to our staff. And as her demand list grew, we were slowly being drained. The thing is, this one bride affected our team and hence affected our other brides. We promptly decided to let Bridezilla go.

We absolutely love what we do, that is why we are in this business. And that joy is important to us. It is what gets our creative juices flowing, it is what drives us to go all around town to find the perfect detail for a wedding, and it is what wakes us up in the early morning hours to begin a setup. So we can not have anything that takes away our joy. We decided that Joan Love Events is a “No Bridezilla Zone”. We now pre-screen all potential clients and only take on those that we feel are compatible with our drama free business. We want to make sure that we are in the position to give our best and that we produce amazing events for our deserving clients.

Are you a planner,vendor, bridesmaid, or groom (so sorry) that has encountered the Bridezilla? Tell us your story.


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